5 Hormones ESSENTIAL to Weight Loss


So you’re doing everything right…

… exercising consistently, doing both cardio & strength training, doing good with your diet – but STILL NOT losing weight?

It’s NOT you. Metabolism, body fat, & appetite – all are regulated by hormones. Hormone health can make or break your results.

I have outlined 5 KEY hormones that may be preventing you from losing weight and simple, natural solutions to keep them healthy. Beyond just hormone levels – it’s important to also consider how well your body responds to the hormone signals (something nearly impossible to detect from lab tests).


After the age of 30, testosterone levels in women naturally decline every year causing fatigue, hair loss, and progressive weight gain … especially in the form of belly fat! Keeping testosterone levels healthy and in a normal range (NOT talking about illicit anabolic steroids here, just healthy safe natural levels) produces significant and sustained weight loss.

Testosterone (yes… even for women!) promotes overall vitality, energy, drive, and helps maintain lean muscle mass – increasing the number of calories you burn!

Please don’t be scared by the word “muscle”. Your metabolism is profoundly affected by the amount of muscle versus fat on your body. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest and during exercise.

Natural ingredients that work:

MACA root supports endocrine systems responsible for testosterone production, and Ashwagandha has been clinically studied to boost testosterone levels back into a healthy range without any side effects. Magnesium, a building block for hormones, can also increase testosterone levels (especially in active people) so adding this into your daily regimen can help.

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Many women notice an increase in belly fat specifically (regardless of weight) as they get older. The culprit? Along with a decline in testosterone, estrogen levels also decrease with age AND fluctuate after life events such as pregnancy or just during a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle.

When estrogen levels are too low, it causes the body to convert more energy into fat in order to keep estrogen levels in balance (as fat cells actually produce estrogen).

On the other hand, EXCESS estrogen can trigger the body to produce insulin, a fat storing hormone, also leading to weight gain especially around the hips and waist. Extra body fat then produces even more estrogen which, in turn, actually drives testosterone levels down! This means a vicious cycle of progressive weight gain.

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) found in pesticides, plastics, and personal care products can trick our body into thinking they are estrogen-like hormones – eliciting the same weight gain effects as excess estrogen.

Natural ingredients that work:

Again, MACA root is the ultimate “natural” hormone support! Unlike soy or phytoestrogens, it doesn’t mimic estrogenic effects but rather supports the body’s natural production of estrogen (and progesterone!) if levels are too low.

It is well documented in clinical studies that Magnesium is a hormone regulating mineral and is essential to the production of estrogen and progesterone. Consider Magnesium Citrate which has optimal absorption in the body over other salt forms.

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Our modern lifestyle including long workdays, low sleep, financial issues, and processed foods are a cause for continuous stress in our lives. Our bodies were not designed to live in flight or fight mode all the time!

Chronic stress is one of the biggest reasons for high cortisol hormone levels, which is tied to weight gain, poor sleep, hormone imbalances (including testosterone and estrogen), and much more. The main cause of cortisol mediated weight gain is from an increase in appetite. 


Cortisol production triggers cravings for foods that offer a quick source of energy (i.e. carbs and sugar!) Cortisol also causes insulin levels to spike (a fat-storing hormone) which can cause sugar crashes and worsen cravings even further.

Natural ingredients that work:

Sleep and stress management are paramount in keeping cortisol hormone balanced. Magnesium reduces excess cortisol production and relaxes the mind & body by preventing update of cortisol into the brain. Chronic stress can deplete magnesium in the body – so restoring Magnesium levels can support balance and naturally relieve stress. The powerful adaptogen, Ashwagandha, also has been clinically proven to lower cortisol levels.

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Ghrelin is the body’s appetite-increasing hormone. It’s made in the stomach and sends a signal to your brain to say “I’m hungry”. During dieting and/or stress, ghrelin production increases which causes more snacking and over-eating … the opposite goal of a diet!

Furthermore, only women (not men) see a spike in ghrelin levels after exercise – causing us to consume more calories post workout than our male counterparts!

Natural ingredients that work:

Chromium (specifically in the salt form Chromium Picolinate) has been clinically studied to reduce ghrelin levels and its effects, promoting satiety and reducing appetite.

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Leptin is our “weight loss hormone” – our best friend! It essentially does the opposite of ghrelin … it decreases appetite and signals the body to metabolize fat, instead of store fat! If leptin levels are LOW or if our body doesn’t recognize its’ signal (called leptin resistance), you are left with a sluggish metabolism.


Leptin levels increase with weight gain (your body’s natural attempt to lose weight) and decrease with weight loss. Unfortunately, this means that as soon as your body starts to lose weight (hooray!) – leptin levels drop in order to shut off metabolism and increase appetite.

Natural ingredients that work:

Berberine has been clinically studied to support healthy leptin function and emphasize its signal to the body to induce thermogenesis, promote calorie burn, and decrease hunger.

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Now that you understand the importance of hormone health in your weight loss journey, I want to stop you from trying various ineffective and/or dangerous “fat burners”. Most of them contain stimulants and other “trendy” ingredients that have no merit.

My TOP natural ingredient, stimulant-free recommendation that can have synergistic weight loss is Morosil. Morosil is a Moro blood red orange extract specifically imported from Italy. Just any orange extract won’t give you the same results…. Moro blood oranges have a higher range of antioxidants, anthocyanins, and flavonoids that support weight loss.

It is clinically tested to support fat loss while retaining lean muscle mass, when used with diet and exercise. While it does reduce overall BMI, it has been shown to specifically target waist and hip fat. How? The active compounds in Morosil help break down fat cells for energy and suppress gene expression factors known to cause fat storage.

Morosil will also help you get WAY more out of your workout, whether it’s in the gym or at home in your living room. In addition to boosting energy, it can help boost the oxygen supply (through anthocyanins) during exercise for better endurance and promote muscle protection (through Vitamin C, enhancing dietary iron absorption for muscle building and repair).

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I cannot stress enough the importance of smart dietary choices, exercising, sleeping enough and stress management on hormone health. Here are my top 2 TIPS:

1) The most satiating macronutrient is… PROTEIN! Protein has been proven time and time again to promote weight loss, decrease hunger, and enhance thermogenesis. Find ways to incorporate protein into each meal – such as eggs at breakfast, a protein shake at lunch, and chicken with dinner!



2) Burst training! This is one of the best ways to manage hunger (manipulating both ghrelin and leptin) and to burn belly fat FAST. A huge mistake many women make is doing way too much cardio (like jogging on a treadmill). Long spurts of cardio exercise can actually decrease testosterone and raise cortisol stress hormone – negatively impacting weight. Who knew all that hard work was working AGAINST you!

What is “burst training”? It combines short, high intensity bursts of exercise, with slow, recovery phases. Researched has shown this method can burn more than 3x more body fat than moderate cardio sessions, as your metabolism stays elevated for 24-48 hours after your workout!

A word from Dr.Stephanie…

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