How Can I Increase My Libido & Sex Drive?


Feeling no interest or desire in being intimate with your partner?

       …Having difficulty getting aroused?

Studies show nearly 1/3 women experience a loss of interest in sex. This lack of “desire” can put strain on relationships and mental health.

Here’s how you can regain that SPUNKY feeling and sex drive....

WHAT can cause low sex drive?

A combination of physical and mental factors can be to blame, including:

  • Post-Partum hormone changes
  • Pelvic Floor dysfunction
  • Menopause
  • Negative Body Image
  • Stress & Fatigue
  • Medication Side Effects (antidepressants)
  • Lack of Satisfaction/ Inability to Orgasm

Do any of these hit home? Focusing on these 4 areas can dramatically increase desire, arousal, & satisfaction in the bedroom!


1) Balance Hormones

Yes – estrogen levels drastically fluctuate (for better or for worse) throughout pregnancy or just as we age into menopause. However, estrogen isn’t the only important sex hormone!

Low levels of TESTOSTERONE are a leading cause of low libido! You may be thinking….

“I am a woman! I don’t need testosterone!?” Testosterone levels actually peak in a woman’s mid-20’s and then steadily decline until menopause – when they drop dramatically.

Increasing free testosterone levels (in a healthy range, not in high enough amounts to cause side effects!) stimulates sex drive, vaginal lubrication, and strengthens orgasms.

Although no hormone or drug has been approved by the FDA to help with this, many OB-GYNs or Endocrinologists may recommend off-label use of topical testosterone for women to restore testosterone levels and sex drive. There are also natural ingredients, such as Tribulus & Fenugreek, that can support healthy testosterone levels.


2) Increase Satisfaction & Orgasm Experience

It is important for YOU to enjoy the act of sex and foreplay….not just to “appease” your partner. How can you enjoy intimacy more? More frequent and better orgasms, of course!


Every time you orgasm, you experience a rush of dopamine…. The reward signal (just like a drug, actually). This is what changes the brain to learn to want & seek after something. So, the more you orgasm – the more your body wants to orgasm.

Saffron, a natural ingredient, can support healthy dopamine release & function – helping you experience that “Ah HAH!”

Blood Flow

Blood flow to the vagina increases swelling (in a good way) and sensitivity to enhance pleasure & satisfaction from physical stimulation and touch. The herb, Panax Ginseng has been clinically studied to promote nitric oxide release and blood flow to the vagina to enhance pleasure and moisture.


Vaginal dryness can be a libido killer and make intercourse uncomfortable. Using herbs that can heighten both arousal & blood flow to the vagina from the inside can help promote natural moisture. In addition, you can always consider using a natural over-the-counter lubricant.


3) Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Yeah, yeah, yeah…. You have heard it a million times. But SERIOUSLY! A low carb & healthy diet, consistent exercise, healthy weight, regular sleep, and monitoring alcohol intake make a BIG difference in your sex life!

Try it for just a week and see for yourself. Feeling healthy in “all” areas of your mind and body can help trigger spontaneous sexual thoughts and arousal…. Leading to that feeling of “WANT”!


4) Control your Thoughts and Time

The most important sex organ you have is… your BRAIN! There is no supplement in the world that will be able to help you if you don’t make time to be in the moment and focus on feeling sexual.

Practicing meditating on a regular basis can help train you to be present and shut your mind off from busyness and distractions. I am giving you permission to make time, STOP feeling guilty, and prioritize romance. The dishes, laundry, or that email can wait until tomorrow. It truly can be a positive snowball effect of more and more sex and satisfaction with your partner.

A word from Dr. Stephanie…..

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