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Use daily to support healthy “T” and blood flow for MAXIMUM:

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Boost Blood Flow

Stimulates nitric oxide production by the body to dilate blood vessels and promote blood flow, for long-lasting firmness and heightened performance.

Enhance Satisfaction

Increasing circulation directly improves sensation and feeling, to maximize satisfaction from physical stimulation and touch.

Steady Energy

Provides a supply of energy without stimulants, to boost stamina all day and night so you can participate in prolonged activity.

Supports "T" Hormone

By 30 years old, hormone production starts to decline which can lead to fatigue, low drive, and difficulties with erection. Support the body’s ability to naturally produce testosterone to help boost energy and interest.

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Men's Romance™ - MAXIMUM Support

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Men's Romance™ - MAXIMUM Support

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Are you kidding?

My performance and confidence are back!

Every Ingredient Backed by Medical Research

Our ingredients have the highest efficacy & safety ratings by Therapeutic Research Center’s Natural Medicine Database – not supported by any interest group, organization, or manufacturer.


Tribulus has been proven in clinical research studies to help maintain healthy hormone production and provide aphrodisiac effects to boost energy and interest.

In two different prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled trials totaling over 350 men aged 18 - 65 years old, men treated with Tribulus saw significant improvements in erectile function and overall satisfaction by 2.7-fold, (assessed by IIEF and other validated questionnaires) compared with the placebo group (Р<0.0001).

Most companies offer Tribulus with only 35-45% saponins, the active constituent, which is only half of the potency of the Tribulus found in Men’s Romance™ (80% saponins).

Study 1Study 2Study 3


Results from a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial of 120 healthy men aged 43-70 years showed a significant decrease in Aging Male Symptom Scores and increase in frequency of “activity” in men taking the Fenugreek extract (also called Trigonella foenum-graecum), versus placebo. Additionally, healthy testosterone and free testosterone were reported compared to placebo after 12 weeks.

Another study of 60 males aged 25 – 52, showed a significant increase in scores of “romantic” interest and satisfaction and helped maintain normal healthy testosterone levels.

Men’s Romance uses the same dosing and saponins concentration (50% standardization) as the referenced clinical studies.

Study 1Study 2

Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng (also sometimes called Korean red ginseng) is one of the most widely used herbs for romantic health. Studies have shown that the ginsenosides in Ginseng increase nitric oxide levels, which naturally functions in the body to relax smooth muscle cells and dilate blood vessels – for a boost in blood flow and sensitivity. 

A systematic review of 7 different randomized controlled trials evaluating ginseng benefits overall showed a 2.4-fold improvement in erectile function. Another study showed that IIEF satisfaction scores were significantly improved in patients treated with ginseng versus placebo (p <0.01) –especially in certain measures of physical firmness and performance. Additionally, penile tip rigidity on RigiScan showed significant improvement for ginseng versus placebo.

Study 1Study 2Study 3

Long Jack (Eurycoma longifolia)

Long Jack (also called “Tongkat Ali”) contains powerful antioxidants that can fight cellular damage as a part of the normal aging process. It is most often used for aphrodisiac benefits due to its’ beneficial effects on supporting healthy androgen hormones. However, it has many other researched benefits referenced below.


Long Jack’s ability to help maintain healthy testosterone levels is well documented in numerous clinical studies, which is the proposed mechanism that it can boost romantic interest and performance.

Stress and anxiety can interrupt how your brain sends messages to allow for extra blood flow and satisfaction. Long Jack can support healthy stress hormone levels to support a healthy and happy mood.

Long Jack contains compounds (quassinoids) that can help the body use energy more efficiently, reduce fatigue, and improve endurance. Other studies show it can support healthy lean body mass to support muscular strength.

Study 1Study 2Study 3Study 4Study 5Study 6Study 7Study 8Study 9

Clinical studies referenced are not affiliated in any way with SkyPharm Naturals. These are outside clinical studies published through the National Institute of Health. Our formulas follow the ingredients and doses used in the studies linked on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

High blood pressure and high blood sugars can directly cause difficulty with erection, so it should be a priority to work towards healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels. If you have any medical questions specifically - please direct those to your personal healthcare provider.

The herbal ingredients have shown in medical research studies to promote blood vessel dilation for blood flow (for feeling, firmness, and satisfaction from touch) and to support healthy T levels for stamina and energy.

The difference with Men’s Romance™ is that we use higher doses and the most effective ingredients – entirely based on medical research (not made up by a marketing department). We also offer the highest potency of saponins and ginsenosides available (the active compound in the herbs) for the best results possible.

We do have many reviews and testimonials of men saying the product still worked for them despite not having success with prescription therapies OR in addition to these medications (after approval from their personal healthcare provider).*

The herbal ingredients work differently to help promote healthy blood flow (for firmness and response) and natural T production (to boost interest, stamina, and endurance).

*This product is not a medication or intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Further, the statements and reviews represent the views and experiences of the individuals. Results may vary and you may not obtain the same results. Consult with your healthcare professional about potential interactions, complications, or use with other medications before using any product. 

The recommended dose is 3 capsules (can be taken at once or split throughout the day) every day. The intention is that it should be taken daily to help you be "ready" at any time. It can take 2-3 weeks for the nutrient levels to build up enough to give circulation and hormone benefits. Some men notice results within the first week, and others after 2-3 weeks.


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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Dr. Stephanie Redmond

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