Her Fitness - Metabolism & Energy Boost
Her Fitness - Metabolism & Energy Boost
Her Fitness - Metabolism & Energy Boost
Her Fitness - Metabolism & Energy Boost
Her Fitness - Metabolism & Energy Boost
Her Fitness - Metabolism & Energy Boost
Her Fitness - Metabolism & Energy Boost

Her Fitness - Metabolism & Energy Boost

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Hormone health plays a KEY role in losing weight with exercise. Balancing testosterone & estrogen will help burn fat, tone lean muscle, & boost energy. Fighting spikes in cortisol & ghrelin hormones will help regulate appetite and curb hunger. 

Her Fitness uses clinically proven ingredients MOROSIL™, MACA, & more to: 

✔️ Balance hormones & sustain energy

✔️ Boost metabolism (stimulant-FREE)

✔️ Burn calories from fat, while preserving lean muscle

✔️ Suppress hunger surges after exercise

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with Morosil


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with Morosil


Burn Fat, NOT Muscle

Shut off fat storage and boost the breakdown of fat cells, while supporting muscle tone & recovery.

Balance Hormones

Unlock younger energy &
strength by supporting endocrine health - testosterone, estrogen, cortisol, & ghrelin hormones, key players for successful weight loss!

Control Appetite

Reduce fat cravings, food intake, and hunger by inhibiting the brain’s “hunger” receptors & promoting thermogenesis (i.e. fat burn!).

Energy, without Jitters

Unlike pre-workout supplements, this provides a stimulant-FREE boost in energy by helping the body more efficiently turn food into usable energy.

From our Customers


I feel more energy & motivation overall – Her Fitness makes
my work-outs easier so that I could do more and last longer in the gym!

Franklinton, LA

Since menopause, I feel tired all of the time and really struggle to stick to a workout program. Her Fitness has changed my life. I actually look FORWARD to working out. I have energy like I did 15 years ago!!! I feel HEALTHY, slimmer, fit, & balanced. 🙏🏼

Kristi K.
Denver, CO

Before trying Her Fitness, my hormones were so out-of-whack that I just could not shed the belly fat. Now I feel balanced, am down 20 lbs over the last 12 weeks, and feel better than ever!!

Cindy J.
Saint Paul, MN

Every time I start a new exercise program, I feel TIRED and starving hungry - which counteract any weight loss. Her Fitness was a total GAME CHANGER. I have energy, my uncontrollable cravings are GONE, and I am finally able to lose weight!!

Alum Bridge, WV

I hit 36 years old and exercise stopped giving me the same results. I was frustrated trying different exercises & classes. Once I found Her Fitness, I was able to lose weight & tone muscle liked I used to in the gym!

Haley R.
Salem, NC

Every Ingredient Backed by Medical Research

Our ingredients have the highest efficacy & safety ratings by Therapeutic Research Center’s Natural Medicine Database – not supported by any interest group, organization, or manufacturer.


Clinically studied to support weight loss and specifically targets waist and hip fat.

Morosil supports oxygen supply to enhance exercise endurance, performance and improve overall fitness. The vitamins in Morosil also promote muscle protection to help preserve lean muscle mass during exercise.

Flavonoids and anthocyanins in Morosil shut off fat storage pathways and promote the breakdown of fat cells.


Unlock your younger energy and
strength with this “magic” herb for the endocrine system and women’s hormone support.

Rich in essential vitamins & minerals, MACA improves energy (which is why it was traditionally given to warriors in ancient medicine).

This herb promotes healthy levels of
testosterone, estrogen, & cortisol by
supporting hypothalamus and pituitary function.


Clinical research shows adding daily chromium to resistance training
can increase weight loss, body fat loss, and lean body mass compared to placebo.

Research also shows that chromium can reduce fat cravings, food intake, and hunger. It is thought to exert these effects by affecting the brain’s “hunger” receptors which are insulin-sensitive, resulting in appetite suppression and stimulation of thermogenesis (i.e. fat burning).

Study 1

Study 2

Study 3

Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium helps with almost everything you need to optimize fitness results!

Having adequate magnesium levels can improve exercise performance (strength, power, flexibility) and support muscle recovery. Specifically for older women, Magnesium supplementation can improve walking speed.

Magnesium helps to balance stress hormones and is an essential electrolyte for adequate hydration.  Additionally, our body’s natural pathway of energy production also depends on Magnesium.

Study link

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 plays a key role in energy production for the body, which supports overall fitness. It turns the foods we eat into usable energy (i.e. ATP).

Vitamin B12 can also support muscle tone and growth. It helps metabolize
protein (which goes directly into the muscles) and increases production of read blood cells, which support oxygen delivery to muscle cells.

You absorb less Vitamin B12 as you get older, making it an essential addition to your daily routine to heighten energy and maximize results from your fitness regimen.


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