How to Naturally Increase Your Libido & Sex Drive?

WHAT can cause low sex drive & vaginal dryness?

A combination of physical and mental factors can be to blame, including:

Post-Partum Hormone Changes

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction


Negative Body Image

Stress & Fatigue

Medication Side Effects (antidepressants)

Lack of Satisfaction/ Inability to Orgasm

Do any of these hit home? Focusing on these 4 areas can dramatically increase desire, arousal, & satisfaction in the bedroom!

1) Balance Hormones

1) Balance Hormones

2) Increase Satisfaction & Orgasm Experience

2) Increase Satisfaction & Orgasm Experience

3) Healthy Lifestyle Choices

3) Healthy Lifestyle Choices

4) Control your Thoughts and Time

4) Control your Thoughts and Time

How To Naturally Reduce Vaginal Dryness?

How To Naturally Reduce Vaginal Dryness?

Natural Ingredients to Reduce Vaginal Dryness

Tribulus & Fenugreek

Tribulus & Fenugreek in clinical studies have shown increasing estrogen levels and, therefore, vaginal lubrication and moisture. Additionally, these herbs can help support healthy testosterone levels (yes, testosterone!). Testosterone is naturally produced by women and declines as we age. This key “sex hormone” helps give us sex drive, desire, and arousal for enhanced lubrication.


The most important sex organ you have is… your brain! Saffron herb has demonstrated in research studies to support production of the “feel good” neurotransmitter in the brain (i.e. dopamine) to promote a happy mood. This indirectly can increase blood flow to the vagina for natural lubrication and heightened comfort and satisfaction.

Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng has also been proven in clinical studies to have a relaxing effect on the clitoral cavernosal muscle and vaginal smooth muscle to help improve sensation, moisture, and comfort. This herb can also increase nitric oxide levels which drive blood flow to the vagina for enhanced feeling and responsiveness to physical touch and stimulation.


A word from our founder…..


A word from our founder…..

Her Romance - Natural Balance
Her Romance - Natural Balance
Her Romance - Natural Balance
Her Romance - Natural Balance

Her Romance - Natural Balance

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Heighten Sensitivity

Promotes nitric oxide production to boost blood flow to the vagina, which can improve sensation and moisture to maximize satisfaction from physical touch & stimulation.

Enhance Interest

Fight hormonal changes that cause reduced interest, sensation, and dryness. Support the body's natural hormone production for a positive response in mood and emotional wellbeing, vaginal comfort, and passion.

Fight Dryness

Supporting healthy estrogen levels and boosting circulation through nitric oxide production can help promote moisture and comfort.

Boost Energy

Provides a long-lasting supply of energy without the jitters or crash from stimulants, to help you feel playful all day and night.

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It works!

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I've only been on it for 3 weeks but I'm hopeful that it will help especially since I take Prozac and this seems to help some of the side affects of it.